Grade 7 learners at Bertharry English Private School participated in Entrepreneurship Day, an event commonly held in schools throughout the district. The purpose of this day was to impart entrepreneurial skills to the students, aligning with their curriculum. The learners formed groups, with some working in pairs, others in trios, and some in groups of four. They collectively pooled their funds to purchase various types of stock, primarily consisting of food items, including meat and sausages for a barbecue (braai).

It was a splendid day, witnessing learners in pairs diligently working toward a shared objective of generating profit and gaining valuable experience in stock management. While some of the learners achieved a remarkable 100% profit margin, others faced losses. However, these setbacks did not dishearten them, as they recognized the valuable lessons to be gleaned from their experiences. The losses were often attributed to inaccurate pricing based on their initial purchases, but this served as a valuable learning opportunity. At Bertharry, we remain committed to providing a practical education, ensuring that our learners gain hands-on experience and valuable life skills.

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